Learning Liquid Measurement Easily With a Picture and Story

do your youngsters warfare, looking to consider how many cups, pints and quarts are in a gallon? are you on occasion stymied when trying to discern out how many cups are in a 1/2-gallon?

if you are stressed as a figure, how frustrating have to or not it’s on your baby? do that successful visual memory tip for gaining knowledge of liquid dimension. by means of drawing a picture, and including a tale; this perplexing concept takes on that means with the aid of affiliation and is effortlessly remembered.


8.5″ x 11″ sheet of unlined paper

black marker, crayon or pencil

gallon field (non-compulsory)

half of-gallon container (elective)

quart container (elective)

pint container (optionally available)

measuring cup (optionally available)

the dominion of gallon

read the tale aloud as you and your baby draw the illustration. visit the stop of this text to discover the hyperlink to the drawing.

lengthy in the past, there has been a country called “gallon”. it was a very huge country. for the reason that “gallon” starts offevolved with the letter “g”, draw a very big “g” filling the complete paper. how many pints are in a gallon (draw at the side of your infant to model the lesson. ask toddler to tell you what the “g” represents.) show an real sample of a gallon box.

inside the state of gallon lived 4 queens. what letter does “queen” start with? “q” stands for “queen” and additionally for “quarts” due to the fact there are 4 quarts in a gallon. draw 4 huge “q”s to your paper. (show a quart size field.) (make certain the connection is made among the queens and quarts.)

each queen had a prince and a princess. the prince and princess represent the range of pints in a quart. draw the 2 “p’s” interior every quart. (show a pint-size box.) (remind child of the connection between prince and princess and pints.)

cats were very famous on this nation. so each prince had 2 cats. the “c” is for cats and for cups. each princess additionally had 2 cats, in order that makes four cats within the queen’s fortress and four cups in a quart. (draw 2 “c’s” interior every “p.”) (show the cup measurement.)

later, there was a big war of words in the state of gallon, so they had to divide it into two half-gallon kingdoms. be aware the dividing line of the “g” that represents the two half-gallon kingdoms?) (display the half-gallon container.)

this is an clean way for college kids to take into account and recognize liquid size. making associations and drawing a photo shops the information in long-term memory. this reminiscence method additionally meets the desires of each of the three studying patterns.

visible beginners take into account via seeing the photo in their head. with the aid of drawing the pics it locks into lengthy-time period reminiscence. audio learners are appropriate listeners and will re-tell the tale. whenever the story is told, they pay attention the institutions and take into account. kinesthetic newcomers need to participate through touching the props and locating them on the drawing. they don’t forget the tale easily and talk approximately it with friends.

memory strategies offer children with the tools for remembering almost some thing. i wager you remember getting to know this rhyme: “in fourteen hundred and ninety two, columbus sailed the ocean blue.” that date is embedded to your long-term memory all because of a easy little rhyme. rhymes, tales and pictures are powerful reminiscence gear.

take this task. begin looking for innovative reminiscence guidelines to use along with your youngsters in all subjects. and even better than that, train your youngsters the way to consider their own testimonies or rhymes or pics to help in spelling, math, social research, science; surely all subjects. it’s a laugh and our brain can continually use a little assist to don’t forget important facts. supply it a strive!

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