Diffuse Feminine Baldness

To improve the looks of hair whereas awaiting the treatment to require impact, avoid hairstyle with the road within the middle. you’ll be able to comb your hair back instead of on the perimeters by holding them with a clip on the highest of the top (without actuation the roots of course). There area unit camouflaging powders that may be besprent on the scalp and leave to clean.


In case of mycosis, it’s vital to make clean caps and different headgear, hairbrushes additionally as lawnmowers if they exist. once beginning treatment, the doctor should examine the entire family additionally as regular contacts (school, work). within the case of a mycosis transmitted by associate animal, the examination of the animals of the cortege should be done by a veterinary WHO can initiate an acceptable treatment just in case of would like.

The right inquiries to the Specialiste cuir chevelu paris

More than simply queries, there’s data that’s helpful to inform your medical specialist in order that he will best adapt the treatment and build the foremost correct identification.

It ought to be represented as exactly as attainable the sort of shampoo that’s used, the frequency of hair washes, discolorations and straightening, the sort of conditioners (before or once shampoo) for instance. the outline of his kind of hairstyle is additionally vital.

In case of mycosis, it’s terribly helpful to report if you’ve got traveled to associate exotic country or if it’s the case of a relative, WHO could have brought a mushroom of his travels, typically in Africa or the Caribbean. this may enable the medical specialist to direct his analysis, as a result of the mushrooms don’t seem to be identical, betting on the continent from that they are available.

It is conjointly vital to do to recollect and note the date of look of the primary tonsure.

When presenting with alopecia, it’s going to be worthy to inform your doctor if there area unit any circumstances that might trigger relapses, cases within the family, or different response diseases.

Androgenetic baldness

A first easy check is to check the overall look of depilation with a Norwood-modified Hamilton visual classification (see illustration above). This helps to work out that forms will have the benefit of treatment and that area unit too advanced for a drug to be effective.

Some hair for the great cause

In case of doubt regarding the fact of baldness, it’s attainable to perform a trichogram.

It involves tearing many hair in 2 or 3 strategic locations of the scalp. This makes it attainable to look at the foundation of the hair taken and to live its diameter, to quantify the importance of the autumn, to affirm the pathological character or not of this depilation and to form a identification in troublesome cases. it’s conjointly attainable to predict whether or not the approaching fall within the next three months are going to be vital or not.

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